Thursday, June 24, 2010

Starting Over Again....

It has been well over a year since I have even really looked at my blog, but I thought I'd hop over here for a bit. :) My husband is always saying I should blog more. I think he just likes how much I dote on him in my bio. ♥

My family circa 2010 ☺
So much has happened in the past year. Mid may 2009 we found out we were PREGNANT! Surprise! Sage Ashlyn was born January 25, 2010. We almost didn't make to to the hospital before she made her appearance! It wasn't quite as fast as her sister Lily(3 hours), but she was born in just about 4.5 hours and about 15-20 minutes after we got to the hospital!

She is almost 5 months now, growing and learning so much!

Over the past year we have also moved yet again! We are now living in Hinesville, GA and stationed at Ft. Stewart. It's nice here. Hot. Humid. Buggy. But it's not bad! We love being close to the beach, and there is a lot to do if we just travel a bit.

Of course Ft. Stewart means deployment though. :( In the coming weeks Bob will be deploying. It's going to be hard, but we will get through it! He is TDY right now, and he gets back on Saturday!

I've been sewing more, and knitting more, so I'm sure I'll have stuff to share. I've been trying to sell more from my Etsy store and at the local farmer's market, but I've been thinking of closing the "business" forever to pursue other passions. I have been and continue to go to college to become a history teacher, and I've also decided that I'd like to become a birth doula. I am so passionate about birth and the choices/options women have, but I can't have babies forever. I would like to support other women and experience birth as a doula.

So, I guess that is all for now. I WILL keep this up this time! I promise. At least I will try..... :)

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