Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lots of changes!

We have lots of changes going on at our house! My amazing husband deployed in July, and we miss him like crazy! We are 7.2 weeks in now, and we are starting to get in to a routine. The girls and I get to talk to him pretty much every day, so I'm thankful for that!

The kids are growing more and more every day! Meadow started preschool, and she just loves it! She has so much fun play and learning. She brings home art projects every day, and sings me songs that she learns. :)


Sage is crawling and sitting up now, and she is trying to pull up on things. She is also eating table food, and loves it!!

I have been moving quickly in my college classes, so hopefully I can graduate in 2012!

Big news! I have also started training to become a doula! I am getting my certification through Birth Arts International. I am so excited about it because I love pregnancy and birth, and I am passionate about it. I have a couple of pregnant friends who are going to let me be their doula. I am so excited about it, and I can not wait to learn more and more so that I can help these beautiful women have beautiful births! My business name is Born to Birth Doula Services, and this blog is going to be a business blog as well. :)

I guess that's it for now... I'll update more often, promise. Well, we'll see, haha, I'm not very good at updating.............

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