Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Yesterday Bob had CQ, so we worked all day, and then went straight to CQ after work. We went to the PX to meet him for dinner since he can't come home. I got some great deals on clothes for the girls, but that's the only good thing about the night. On my way back home I was driving down Sheridan Rd. on post and I heard a "POP" and saw something flying behind my car. I thought I had just hit a soda bottle or something, but I was wrong. Not long after I started hearing to car make a sort of clickity noise, and then it started smoking while I was on Rogers Ln. I pulled in to a gas station and had to wait for Bob to get relieved to come get us. We ended up having to call USAA to tow the car to our house. GREAT! Turns out a freezer plug fell off. A freezer plug that was just replaces 3 MONTHS ago! They must have put it on wrong or faulty because these things don't just fall off. I am so mad about it! Today we had a playdate at Jenn's house, so Bob took us, and Jenn brought us home. Tomorrow I have a meeting with Connie at the SKIES on post about becoming a dance teacher, so Bob will have to try to take off yet again or I'll have to ask a friend to take me. I don't want to miss this meeting because I want to get the ball rolling to start teaching asap! I just hope it is all fixed by next week so that I can get to my brothers graduation.

On a happier note here are a couple of pics from our playdate today!

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Kelly said...

Ugh car problems totally suck!! I hope that the place fixes it for you guys. It's no fun being out of a car. =(
At least Lily is cute as ever!