Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Just An Update!

I have been told that I need to update, so here it is! haha!

I haven't been sewing much lately, but I have somehow been busy! 
We all had a wonderful Christmas and New Years. For New Years eve we had some friends over who have a daughter the same age as Meadow, and they had a blast. They tore up the house, but they actually got a long and played together!

Lily is three months old now, and she is growing like crazy. Yesterday she started noticing toys and grabbing them! She is also trying to roll over. She can move on to her side, but she can't quite push herself over.

Meadow is almost two and I can't believe it! Next month is her birthday, and I am so excited planning her party! She is going to have an Alice in Wonderland party, and it should be great! I am renting a long table and decorating it with a pink table cloth and lots of tea pots just like in the movie. The kids are going to decorate plastic top hats for their party hats, and we are going to play a kiddie version of croquet! I haven't quite decided on a pinata or not yet. We are going to have cookies that say "Eat Me", sandwiches cut with cute cookie cutters, and and adorable cake that I haven't decided on yet. haha.

Here are a few recent pictures...


mommy_on_a_mission said...

Yeah its about time for an update haha! ! ! look how much meadow has wow. Lilly is so big. They grow to fast.

mommy_on_a_mission said...

**Hair i ment to said look at how much hair meadow has! LoL