Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Marry Christmas and Stocking Stuffers!

Well, it's Christmas Eve, and I finally finished my girls stocking stuffer's just in time for Christmas! I made two dolls from start to finish in one day! Boy was it a lot of sewing. I also embroidered their names on the back.
I made them to match the girls. Meadow is a dirty blond, and Lily is a brunette. They both have blue eyes.

This is an exciting Christmas for our family because it is the first Christmas in our very own home! Meadow is almost 2 this year, so we are really excited to see her reaction to all the gifts in the morning. She is getting a Fisher Price Cozy Coupe which I know she will love! She always makes a b-line for our neighbor's FP car when she sees it in their yard! This is Lily's first Christmas, but she is only 11 weeks old.

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Noemi said...

Angie! I didnt know you were on here :-) Those stuffing stuffers are amazing! I bet your girls love them!