Friday, February 27, 2009

I have been a slackin'

So, I haven't posted anything in at least a month! I have been so busy! Bob left for WLC at the beginning of the month, and he won't be back until March 11th. I started school again, so that has been filling my time also. I'm just super super busy.
Happenings from the past month:
Meadow started taking ballet. We are doing a mommy and me class at Lawton City Ballet. She likes it a lot, but she
won't let me help her! She will do everything wonderfully when the teacher helps her, but resists like crazy when I try! It is ok though because the teacher doesn't mind. She is the youngest in the class, and everyone is patient with her.

My mom came down the weekend before Meadow's birthday, and we painted the girls' rooms! Meadow's is a bright pink, and Lily's is a pretty green. I LOVE them! I made curtains for Meadow's room because her blinds didn't fit in the window. They are pretty adorable.

We celebrated Meadow's 2nd birthday as a family on February 22nd! We had dinner at Applebees, and had a fabulous time! :) She got lots of coloring things: a coloring book, markers, and a crayon roll to hold all her crayons for on the go! She also got Wall-E which she loves! She opened in and exclaimed "Wall-E!". Haha, we have had to watch it many times already. Her favorite gift of all was a singing dancing Broby doll. He all time favorite show is Yo Gabba Gabba, so I got her this Broby doll. She started dancing to the music immediately! Haha she loves it.

We went to the Science Museum in OKC too. It was really great! Meadow had a lot of fun with all of the hands on things. The only low point to the day was when she got hit in the face with a run away top. :( It flew off the table and hit her right in the face! She had a black eye for about a week.

We also went to the zoo with our friends from Connect the Tots. We had a fun day with Lindsey and Lily, Traci and Mia, Christina and Nate, Diana and Aubry, and Diana's cousin! We saw lots of animals, and of course Meadow liked the birds the most! She also the kitty cats!

Lily got her ears ears pierced this weekend, AND she ate baby oatmeal for the first time!

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